PR Intern

Ogilvy Public Relations × Walmart

Aug. 2016 - Nov. 2016

Job Overview

I joined Ogilvy Public Relations Beijing to facilitate the launch of Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center, a high-end event featuring Walmart CEO and Governor of the State of Arkansas among other heavyweight figures. Working in the best PR agency with the Fortune No.1 client was a really rewarding experience for me.


In this project I mainly assumed the role of copy writer and editor for both English and Chinese copy of our team, and supported the teamwork by conducting daily news monitor regarding food safety issues. I also contributed to the pre-production of the three brand videos by writing up draft story outlines.

I worked hard and established very good relationship with my colleagues. I was greatly appreciated for my ability to write, translate, and edit copies quickly and decently.

My Roles

  • Wrote up, translated, and edited every piece of Chinese and English copy content to hand over to copy team for final review

  • Created daily news alert regarding food safety issues

  • Wrote up draft story outlines of three brand videos to discuss with the creative team

  • Managed the official WeChat and the website of the collaboration center

Press Release (that I edited!)