IMAX®-Annenberg China Film Market Research

Navigating the volatile China film market and

understanding IMAX's brand image in China

Nov. 2017 - Present

Research Overview

China is a rapidly booming film market with which Hollywood has an increasingly close tie. Yet China's box office is still largely unpredictable and constantly produces surprises.


IMAX, the premium theatrical film experience provider, needs to constantly look for the most promising titles to invest in among all the upcoming films in each international market. They have almost 30% of annual revenue generated from China market alone, yet they missed several best topping films in China in the past few years, so they want to rethink their China distribution strategy. This is when Annenberg China Film Market Research Team comes in.

I oversee the project with other leaders and Dr. Ben Lee, our faculty supervisor. Our team look forward to analyze upcoming titles in each release period (e.g. Spring Festival period) in terms of film quality and audience expectations to come up with a recommendation list for IMAX. We also looked into IMAX's brand image in China and come up with suggestions for their international marketing, in order to increase their brand awareness and overall market share.

The most exciting part is when we present our findings to the heads of IMAX International Distribution and Global Branding. They are amazed at our reports. Our film recommendation for 2018 Spring Festival period coincided with their bets, and those three titles turned out to be the highest grossing films in that period. Our findings regarding IMAX brand image also offered huge help for IMAX office's China tour. The best part is that we get to see the IMAX theaters in their Playa Vista headquarter. So fabulous!

Selected Reports

Please click the below images to view selected reports we created for our meetings with IMAX.

2018 Chinese New Year Movie Choice Resea
2018 May & Summer Holidays Movie Choice

My Role

  • Specify research goal and methods, coordinate research team, and control the quality of work

  • Conduct audience analysis (surveys, focus groups, etc.) on upcoming titles and extract insights to predict box office performance

  • Conduct surveys regarding Chinese consumers’ perception of IMAX brand image and trends and changes in media usage

  • Craft creative PowerPoint reports and presented to the VPs of IMAX International Distribution and Global Branding multiple times