Z-Ultimate Murrieta Google AdWords Campaign

 Promoting the Kenpo dojo

Spring 2018 Semester

Campaign Overview

This Google AdWords campaign was conducted for my graduate class Audience Analysis, with the chain Kenpo dojo Z-Ultimate's Murrieta branch as our client.


The campaign was three weeks in length. The campaign team firstly created a comprehensive website for Z-Ultimate Murrieta, and later deployed three campaign groups, which reached 8.11 thousand impressions with a CTR of 1.92% and a total of 152 clicks.

My Role

  • Communicated with the client, wrote website requirement specifications, created the Wix website with one other teammate, managed media assets, and supervised the website design

  • Developed the campaign strategy, broke the campaign down to keyword groups, and deployed one of the campaign groups in Google AdWords

  • Monitored campaign performance and provided suggestions for adjustment

  • Analyzed the campaign data and wrote up part of the post-campaign report

The Report and Website

Please click the below Links to view our group report and the website we created for the dojo using Wix. Please not that the website has been transferred to our client and we are not in charge of the website maintenance.