Film Script Coverage Writing

     @ LD Entertainment, leading film producing company that produced Oscar-nominated Jackie

Jan. 2018 - Apr. 2018

Job Overview

I was honored to become the first non-American intern at LD Entertainment, the leading film producing company that produced Oscar-nominated film Jackie. During my internship, I read and wrote coverage for 20 film scripts and provided creative input for project rewrites.

The CEO of LD Entertainment, Mickey Liddell, listened to my input for one of the rewrite projects and praised me as "absolutely smart and intelligent," and the VP of Acquisitions and Development, said that I had a sense for story that is "almost unteachable." I am really thankful for their generous words and my experience at LD.

In my interview for the internship, Create Executive Michael Onofri asked if I were to live in a lonely island forever and I were allowed to bring only three movies, what I would bring. My answer was: Cloud Atlas, The Dark Knight Rises, and Manchester By The Sea. You can tell that I have a love for epic hero movies and ordinary personal stories. What would be your choices?

My Roles

  • Directly supported creative executives by managing script submissions, writing coverage, and providing creative input for rewrites

  • Administered front desk, answered office phone calls, and managed mailroom to ensure smooth office operation

Sample Coverage

Please find one of the script coverages I did for CODA (with all my love for the story!).​