Marketing Director

@ Kongyang Confucian Studio

Sep. 2013 - Present

Job Overview

Kongyang Confucian Studio is a non-profit organization specializing in Confucian education. It provides a range of Confucian courses for almost all ages, including K12 students, college students, to working professionals. I joined Kongyang initially to study Confucianism, and later I stayed and became a volunteer, overseeing its marketing activities.

One of the most self-fulfilling thing I did for Kongyang is I single-handedly created a video that documented its 10-year history in 2016, with two cameras, two tripods, and very rudimentary lighting, since we did not have any budget! But I did it, and now it has become Kongyang's brand video and is shown in various occasions to introduce who we are. If you could speak Mandarin Chinese, you can watch the video below.

My Roles

  • Run social media campaigns and oversee business development to drive recruitment for course offerings

  • Created the organization website working with outside tech team with an understanding of software development lifecycle

  • Developed, shot, and edited 4 brand videos singlehandedly that have attracted 216,000+ online views

  • Promoted a stage show in 2018 that attracted 1,300 theatre audience and 200,000+ livestreaming views