Australia Media Ownership Report

 Discover the key players in Australia's media industry and their global footprint

Fall 2017 Semester

Research Overview

This report is an individual assignment completed for my graduate class Global Hollywood, instructed by Professor David Craig. The goal of this class is to explore the global nature of world's media and entertainment industry. I was assigned to investigate Australia's media ownership landscape, i.e. to find out who are the key players in Australia's media industry.

I individually conducted research with popular journal, academic resources, as well as business reports, and mapped the top 5 companies dominating Australia's media industry and their global footprint. Together with four other students who researched into Australia's content and IP, regulations, social media entertainment, and music, we created a Prezi presentation Australia Media Industries and presented in class.

My individual report on Australia Media Ownership was graded 29/30 by our instructor. His words: Excellent thesis, superior research. Over use of charts (minor critique) LOL. This report was shown to other students as an example of great work.


This is the first report to comprehensively document Australia's media companies and I believe it could provide reference for future industry analysis.

The Report and Prezi

Please click the below images to view my individual report and our group Prezi presentation.