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about Chao.

I go into media and technology to help people live meaningful life and do good through business. I always pursue the enlightening moment of understanding something about human and our society previously unknown, and I am driven by the urge to provide the best experience for people seeking enlightenment themselves.


At this moment, my passion lies in tech product management/marketing, for which my proven abilities in research, marketing, experience design, and project management would be a great fit.


work & projects.

From audience analysis to market research, from UX design to graphic design, I look into the way people engage with media and technology, and strive to provide them with the best, meaningful experience.

(For more experience, please refer to my resume.)


1. IMAX®-Annenberg China Film Market Research

    Navigating the volatile China film market and understanding IMAX's brand image in China

2. Understanding Game of Thrones Fandom Community

    How fandom dynamics contributed to GOT’s massive success, collaborating with Trailer Park

3. Australia Media Ownership Report

     Discover who rule Australia's media industry and their global footprint 

4. China Outstanding Scholar Interview Project

     Documenting the life of outstanding scholars who went through the most turbulent time but

     managed to achieve remarkable academic success against all odds



in Progress

(under construction)




1. Museumory, Mobile App UX Design

    Provide museum visitors with an integrated online experience

2. Los Angeles Chinatown: An American Dream




For more of my work experience, please find my resume here.

I look forward to talk about contributions that I can make with your organization.


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